Delinquent Taxes


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To view taxes please search the last name, first name to search a specific person, you can also search by last name.  For a complete alphabetical list of names, leave the lookup field blank, choose the Name as the type of lookup and the Tax year.

If you wish to pay taxes for the year 2007 and prior please read the notation on the left hand side

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2021 Magoffin County Tax Sale Procedures.pdf2021 Magoffin County Tax Sale Procedures.pdf

To search for delinquent taxes please see the link below.

In the event TaxMaster doesn't​ appear try the following to access the public login for TaxMaster:​

If the link above doesn't work when you click on it just copy and paste it in your web browser.

​​Tax Sale List.pdfTax Sale List.pdf click on the link for the 2021 Tax Sale List ​ * Sale List is subject to change before the sale. 

​Additional Resources

Taxes for the year of 2007 and prior will not show if they have been paid or show the correct amount in the TaxMaster program, you must search the book to see if those taxes have been paid for a correct listing.  Also for an update on payment plans please contact the Magoffin County Clerk's office.

For information on the Tax Sale please select the following links, scroll down for forms:

Tax Forms, please select and print pages 1 and 2 below.

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Delinquent Taxes