Corrected or Updated Titles

The following documents & information are required:

  • Application for title/registration must be completed, signed by all registered owners and notarized. Persons that have power of attorney for the owner(s) may sign, but a copy of the power of attorney must be submitted with the application. If County Clerk staff notarizes signatures, identification must be presented.
    Note: Titles that contain AND (instead of OR) between names of owners requires signature of all owners.
  • The current vehicle title must be submitted with the application for updated title.
  • If the application is for the purpose of applying for a loan, the owner needs to indicate this on the application. A pending lien will be noted and the owner will be given a goldenrod copy of the registration to present to the lending institution. The lending institution will use the registration and a Title Lien Statement to record the lien.

Title Fee: $6.00.
Notary fee: $2.00 (if applicable )

Note: The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Title Branch will mail the updated title within 10-14 business days of application.
(If a pending lien is filed, printing of the title is held for 30 days.)

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Corrected or Updated Titles